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LiveMoya is a social
and behaviour change consultancy.

About Us


We create campaigns and implement projects that inspire individuals to make and sustain healthy choices to live their best lives. Our approach is founded on academic rigour, using proven behaviour change theories and tools, and quality data.


As an innovative and bespoke outfit, we run a tight ship: budget goes towards delivering results and not overheads. Clients interface directly with the responsible persons instead of the silo-based internal design put forward by most businesses. Our diverse strategic capabilities, networks and implementation experience provide us with a broad base to enable rapid, effective response times at scale.

LiveMoya operates from South Africa with an established global associate network.


LiveMoya is a Level One B-BBEE provider.


We bring diverse and competent teams to projects to package and deliver solutions based on academic rigour, analysis and innovation.


Our unique in-house blend of cumulative experience brings an offering of seamless delivery from professional-to-community-to-individual through:

  • Deep community understanding

  • Sector and community-specific knowledge

  • Robust research capability, linked to a well-oiled administrative and logistics capability

  • Tried and tested project management delivery model

  • Excellent M&E and reporting skills


Dependent on the brief, we can handle aspects within larger projects or provide turnkey solutions as a project management lead.  We aim to deliver leading edge solutions, and regularly draw on our broad and global network of subject-matter expert associates.


The LiveMoya Behaviour Change Framework is based on a number of robust academic theories and practical experience and is our time-tested approach to delivering results.

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