SRHR Knows No Borders project – Change Agent Tool Development

Project details

LiveMoya was appointed by a consortium led by Save The Children to develop and design the Change Agent tools for the SRHR Knows No Borders project.

The Project sought to:

  • Provide IEC material across 6 countries on the migration corridor.
  • Inform 3 varied target audiences (sex workers, AYP, migrants) on their sexual and reproductive health rights and create demand for services. There was a specific focus on HIV, STIs, GBV, service referrals, human rights, female rights, abortion, and condom use.
  • Address varying literacy level with huge language and cultural barriers/ differences

To deliver on the stated objectives, LiveMoya conducted the following activities:

  1. Conducted desktop and field research
  • Understand local realities, service provision and legalities
  1. Developed creative and messaging
  • Developed design tools to facilitate understanding and meet practical print and distribution requirements
  1. Conducted Stakeholder consultations with country offices
  • To ensure material met local needs and realities
  • Modify as required

Material was rolled out across multiple design formats with a strong emphasis on universal icons. IEC material on specific issues was also developed with elements for localisation of content and service delivery embedded into the design. This helped to optimise a limited budget yet reach the intended audience in an appealing and relatable way.