Positive change. Lasting impact.

We are a behaviour change consultancy providing innovative solutions, which are tailor-made to solve client challenges - always delivering measurable results.

LiveMoya operates from Johannesburg, South Africa with established associates across the continent. Our diverse strategic capabilities, networks and implementation experience provide us with a broad base to respond quickly and effectively.

We have worked across all tiers of government, corporates, NPOs and multi-lateral donors that require substantial ROI, strong professionalism and effective programme delivery.

Behaviour Change

Human behaviour is the thread that binds individuals, organisations and societies. We are as much the products of other’s behaviour, as our own. Our individual and collective behaviour is what drives the world, its successes and challenges.

Behaviour change works from each individual through to groups of people. From a business perspective, there is powerful potential to build brand cachè and increase market share, or internally, to enrich employee marketing efforts. From a societal perspective, it drives efficacy of spend in terms of getting more of society to behave in more responsible and health conscious ways.

LiveMoya uses internally developed and proven behavioural change models that represent the integration of theoretical behaviour change models with our years of in-field experience. Our human centric approach elicits rich behavioural insights that inform the development of solutions that work for both the individual and the project objectives.

Herein lies unique opportunity to approach a business or societal problem in a business unusual way; a way that generates effective and delivery-driven results, while being responsive to the individual and collective needs that comes with the “human condition”.

Specialist areas

Mission, Vision & Values

How we operate

We provide diverse and competent teams to projects to package and deliver solutions that are predicated on academic rigour, analysis and innovation.

Doing good is good for business

As a company, we live this social commitment through our internal strategy that sees us:

…sponsoring and supporting non-profit organizations such as FFLD


…actively supporting Princess of Alice Children’s Home  in Westcliff with time, support and products that will help the lives of the 22 babies they care for


…regular in-house training on a variety of topics that enrich our staff (known as LiveWires) in their careers and personal lives


…adopting an environmentally friendly office approach that includes recycling and monitoring our energy consumption

Why us?

LiveMoya is B-BBEE Level One