Through the “Everyday hero” CSI initiative, LiveWires will be taking part in the Sizanani Mentorship Programme. The mentorship programme is an initiative that focuses on high school learners to ensure that they receive the necessary educational support to ensure that they meet the requirements for scholarships and bursaries to get further tertiary education.

From 12 March 2016, four of our Livewires and Ballers (colleagues from NGO, Footballers For Life) will be inducted into the Sizanani Mentorship Programme at St Mary’s High School for Girls.

This programme is an important initiative in bridging the gap, and providing eager learners with a chance to get improve their socio-economic outcomes through education.

Through this long-term mentorship programme, our LiveWires and Ballers will be heeding the call of being “ordinary people doing small acts of change” for learners who are looking for guidance and opportunities to be more than their circumstances suggest.

Watch this space for regular updates.