67 Blankets – Mandela Day Initiative 2016

Asset 3blankers


LiveMoya is pleased to have been apart of the 67 Blankets Initiative this year. Our team of very enthusiastic staff members went through a few crocheting lessons in order to crochet 30cm x 30cm squares that would be joined to form blankets. The end result is 2 very beautiful, colorful warm blankets that were donated to the 67 Blankets Initiative. 67 Blankets has a tracking system for each blanket and we will soon learn about the individuals that our blankets were given to. We sincerely hope that the blankets will provide warmth for this winter. A very big thank you to each of one of our staff members for your time and effort in making this project a success. We hope to carry on this tradition in the years to come. To learn more about 67 blankets please visit www.67blankets.co.za